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I am fascinated by contrast and unity, organization and repetition.

 In the work, in the ever-repeating process of cutting.

Exploring the deconstruction and construction of micro-geometry.

Explore the sensitivity and touch of the life hidden under rational logic.


Every huge shock is slowly accumulated by repeated small action.


Time is the source of everything.

Accumulated in life, everything in nature is slowing growing and declining, and cyclically.


The theme of my work is the power of the cycle of time.

Linear II, Brooch 2020, XiniaGuan Jewelry

Linear II


Sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, Black patina, Stainless Steel(pin)

Untitled IV, Brooch 2020, XiniaGuan Jewelry

Untitled IV
Brooch, 2020
Argentium Silver, 18k Gold, Coral, Stainless Steel(pin)

G.XI., Earring+Brooch/2020, XiniaGuan Jewelry



Stering Silver, 18k Gold Plated Fine Silver, Stainless Steel(pin), 

Process Photo, XiniaGuan Jewelry

Xinia Guan Contemporary Jewelry Studio

Hand Piercing / Hand Fabrication​

Time is the foundation for all great art, and it is a recurring theme found in the work of philosophers and poets throughout history. During the study and practice, my work has gradually grown in static production and dynamic communication with the outside world. It expounds the presentation of the flowing, linear time in the work and the contradiction and opposition of the nonlinear time. I use repetitive geometric design to express my different understandings of the concept of “time zone.”

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